09 FX Nytro XTX Ride Report

Written By: Tom Grawey aka MrSled



Totallyamaha was honored once again to be invited to test ride the Pre-production 09 FX Nytro XTX. A pre-production sled normally is very close to full production calibration but the idea of having these sleds available to select riders or to the public for continuous feedback is a great offering. Hopefully this will help Yamaha fine tune the sled before the final spec is set. Thank you Yamaha for this opportunity to express our views and concerns.



The model tested: FX Nytro XTX


In our test ride there were also several ’08 models for comparison. 


Totallyamaha’s test crew consisted of:


“MrSled” (Tom – 6’2”  245 lbs.)

“Viper Dave” (Dave – 6’3” 280 lbs.)

“Sledder Steve” (Steve – 6’4” 265 lbs.)

“OneEyePolak” (Rick – 6’0” 275 lbs.)


Ride Fact:

Location: Minocqua, Wisconsin, at The Pointe. 

Temperature: 15°.

Trail conditions as tested: Lakes with snow drifts, tight twisty-wooded trails with stutter bumps and corners with 1-2 ft moguls. The wooded trails varied from ice, to loose snow to hard packed surfaces. 


We were very fortunate to be able to drive this new sled over many different types of terrain in normal riding conditions, but we were very limited and did not get a good chance to experience the sleds ability for off trail use. This review will key on our impressions and comparison of a 08 Nytro to a 09 Nytro XTX in the conditions that were provided. Its hard to compare other classifications of trail cruisers, ditch bangers and crossover sleds in the same category. We used the same grading system we had in past reviews to give you the best idea of how the sled actually performed. Grading A thru F, A being best and F being worse.


Standard FX Nytro XTX Facts and Features:

Genesis® 130FI 4-stroke engine
Advanced fuel injection
Engine Braking Reduction System (EBRS)
Lightweight rear-exiting exhaust
Forced air radiator ducting
15x144x1.25-inch Camoplast® Rip Saw™ track



FX™ chassis with sport rider-forward position
Over-the-engine steering
Tall, hooked bars

New front suspension geometry
Composite upper skeleton

Lightweight tunnel


Dual Shock™ CK 144 rear suspension
40mm compression-adjusting clicker shock
GYTR™ dual-clicker front shocks
Sculpted narrow seat
Digital gauge
Quick-release, single-piece hood/console shroud



FX Nytro XT-X


Power: A+

Response: A+

Sound: A+ super quiet

Vibration: A+ or none



Engagement: A+

Back shift: A+

Up shift: A



The Genesis 130FI 4-stroke engine felt spot on with virtually no hesitation. Even with the arm stretching torque of this 4 stroke the transition from up shift to back shift felt extremely smooth and consistent. Super quiet exhaust with nearly no vibration from the engine was felt through the bars. The Engine Braking Reduction System (EBRS) was very noticeable after switching between sleds that don’t normally have the system. It didn’t remove all engine braking but provided just the right amount. All test riders felt it would be nice to have this feature on other engines in Yamaha’s line-up. The XTX top end was very impressive and we all felt there was no loss compared to the shorter track version.


Gas mileage based in previous FX Nytros has been very good overall but with the lack of tank size, for long hauls; it sure would be optimum to have few extra gallons. Word is that Yamaha will be offering saddle bag cans that will carry almost 3 gallons extra fuel that will bolt on easily and can be used with or without the gas cans (should help those in need of longer runs between gas stops).




Overall Ride Quality: A-

Big Bump Absorption: B+

Stutter Bumps: B

Cornering: A


The XTX rider position was excellent. By keeping the rider forward it was easy to shift weight side to side and provided the transition from sitting to standing effortless with no additional strain to the knees. We agreed that there was no position that didn’t feel comfortable; to a few of us that are used to the rider forward of the Nytro it actually made the 08 Apex/Attaks feel dated. I wanted to also point out that the new tunnel design and foot traction was quite noticeable as it locked your feet in much better then past FX Nytro models.


With the big range of test rider weight and height some of us found the XTX to be a little on the firm side with more feel in the stutter bumps then we thought to expect from a 144”. We were not quite sure if the rear suspension needed more rebound dampening but chalked it up to set up.  Therefore the tested settings and valving spec was very compliant for the direction this sled is intended, but agreed that rider set up would be crucial to get the sled to perform perfectly under the high demand that consumers will put on it.


The weight transfer of the XTX felt controlled and well balanced compared to a stock Nytro in the normal rider forward seating position but you could easily make the sled transfer harder by adjusting your body further back on the seat.


Overall handling was very flat and predictable with virtually no twitching or fidgety feel with very minimal dartiness as compared to the FX Nytro. Cornering was very precise with some push or under steer due to maybe the ski design or trail conditions but still handled as good as a 121 but with more confidence. We had to look to be sure we where on a 144….it was quite impressive. The new front end geometry was a well needed update and really enhanced the greatness of the FX Nytro XTX.

We asked Yamaha about any excessive Hyfax wear issues with the rear tip up on the rails and they had not experienced any in their testing. Yamaha told us that they have transferred the XTX in a 10' enclosed clam shell type trailer so depending on your trailer design it should fit in a 10' trailer. Also when Yamaha designed the XTX they went with a 144" track so that they could have better floatation then the competition's 136" sleds and have better handling by tipping up the rail at 121". They used the 144" x 1.25" ripsaw because all of the competitors are running 136" x 1.25" ripsaws and they wanted to exceed their performance and still have a great track on the trail.



Ergos/Fit and Finish:

Seat Padding –A

Seat Material – A

Handlebars – B

Gauge – C

Throttle Pull –A

Brakes “Feel” – A

Fit and Finish – A

Wind protection - D


The FX Nytro seat is very comfortable and materials make it very easy to switch positions. The handles bars with hooks are very adequate but could be a bit wider. As far as the hand warmers go, they work but not as good as they should. With this sled being a pre-pro we hope that this will be addressed for production. Warmer controls are a bit cumbersome to adjust as they reset back to zero after full warm. I have been informed that a suggestion was made to have the 1st click of the warmers button to be able to display the current setting and the 2nd click would then start into adjustment mode. Granted the gauge itself is not the easiest to read but with all the hype of weight reduction find it to be the smallest lightest gauge assembly Yamaha provides. Also the need of a 12V DC outlets capability will be provided in the harness unlike past FX Nytros. As far as wind protection the stock shield looks awesome but has very little function for those who trail cruise at sub zero temps. Yamaha does offer larger windshield options for the XTX.


Final thoughts:

There is always room for improvement in the sled industry and for us to say this is a perfect sled would be very bias. Therefore I had to point out to Yamaha a serviceability concern. For oil changes it would be nice to be able to remove only the lower belly plate like the vectors, instead of removing all side and lower panels along with the belly plate. As far as other small issues that may have plagued the standard FX Nytro, Yamaha is very concerned and is working on those issues to give us the best sled in the industry.


Its was conclusive with our test riders that the FX Nytro XTX was exactly what Yamaha described in the literature and on the web; a crossover sled that performs very well in all conditions,  for the time we spent on the ride we agreed. Our only regret  is not having enough seat time for both on and off trail.


The XTX is a great sled in comparison to similar class sleds. Some may still prefer the ride and trail comfort of the Vector and Apex delta box 2 chassis. For those willing to take the plunge this next year, we feel confident you will not be disappointed.