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VIP Membership Perks:

All VIP Memberships Perks :

  • Included in prize drawing at Giveaway Ride or any special events.

  • Classifieds - Allow users to sell items in classifieds (1 sled part out unless Lifetime)

  • Yamaha Service Bulletins/Recalls, Yamaha Hot Topic

  • Service manuals - See below for the correct tier. Contact Mod or Admin VIA Site Direct Message.

  • Any added VIP section the users would like to add

  • Special VIP Image and Name under your name or able to change your user title.


Some of the VIP areas will be viewable but not post-able to help get members to join.

VIP Membership Fees:

Lifetime VIP Membership: for those who want to take the next step as a Major User with Totallyamaha.

$100 one time fee:

  • All of the VIP Membership Perks plus

  • Unlimited Service manual requests, if available

  • Special LifeTime Image Under your name.

  • Unlimited Sled Part-Outs



Real Name:

Standard 1 Year ONLY VIP Membership

$15/year for one year ONLY with NO AUTO RENEW

  •  All of the VIP Membership Perks for one year only
  • One Service manual request per year, if available
Real Name:

Standard VIP Membership

$15/year and AUTO RENEW every year

  • All of the VIP Membership Perks
  • One Service manual request per year, if available
Real Name:

Note to all that Register as VIPs: If you break any site rules and are removed for any unforeseen reason regardless if you have a Lifetime membership, no membership fees will be refunded.




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