TY Munising Ride 2002

Please help me out with some of the names, I will do my best.

Above and below is Friday 1st Day of riding


Below is Saturday 2nd day of Riding

From left to right Back Row: Vmaxjohn(John), Yamahagirl (Gina), Carl_H6(Carl), Flying_Fin (Todd), SRX01(Scott), Yamahaulic(Mike), Sharona(Sharon), Mookster (Matt)

Front Row:Snwmblr86(Greg), Kyle, MrSled(Tom), RichieRich (Rich)

Please email me the names in any of the pictures to help others out, Call Names and Regular Name.

If I am wrong please correct me, too many dead brain cells, plus my shirts is missing off my back.....lol

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