The 4th Annual TY Munising MI Ride Jan 13-16th , 2005

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The 4th annual ride was yet another great success!!! There where a total of 37 TY members that came to the ride. It looked kind of shaky on the drive north for our crew as the rain and drizzle fell. But nothing could destroy the base that existed in the Muni area.    

Wed evening we had quite a few members show early for the Thursday morning ride and we enjoyed a few beverages and some shop talk in the Alger Falls Motel garage.


    Thursday morning we were greeted by Buddah and decided to head from Alger Falls to Grand Marais. After driving for about 10 mi ChicagoBlues' wife spun out on a icy corner of the trail that crosses 94 near Shingleton and the sled flipped over and landed on her foot. My brother, Bob, hung back with her and made sure she was safely removed from the trail as her husband headed for the truck to take her in to get some proper medical attention. We found out later her ankle had been fractured. We have her in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

As Buddah stated in the RX 1 Forum: "Trails to Grand Marais weren't bad at all........except for last 3 or so mi. into town.......if you like snirt/mud/dirt, you'd have LOVED this. Lunch was fine. Took the lakeshore trail through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on way back. It's a nice ride and not too bumpy. Trail 43 when we got back to it, it was quite a bit worse than going up......but still rideable.

Just before Shingleton we lost Gilbeys rear axel and wheels..... Then decided it was time for home.

Pics below are along the Lake Shore Trail Coming from Grand Marais

NOSPRO, showing us what a Moose looks like in the wild....LOL

We had a great group of Riders!!! As you can see, too cold to remove the helmets...

Thursday evening while having some fun playing in the garage--In came a blown 800 Cat....LOL

 Terry NOSPRO along with me and several other assistants, took BigGuys Sync gauge and every RX1 in the parking lot and set them correctly....

Friday morning came and we headed to Camel Riders for some breakfast after a late night playing in the garage.

It was below zero on the ride down and we couldn't wait for that hot breakfast at Camel Riders south of Muni. Yamadoc, Buddah and Gilbey were waiting for us for breakfast. We then headed to Yamadoc's for some adjustments and parts for Gilbeys sled. As we were having some fun in Docs garage Matt from the Speed Shop was outside letting members try out his arm stretching turbo.

 Once our adjustments were complete we headed south on the Big Spring trail (7) and then across Murphy Creek (Trail 413) to the JackPine.

We stopped at Jack Pine to talk about how awesome the ride was from Docs and then headed up the Haywire (trail 41) to Shingleton.

Friday's Ride Group.

Saturday brought us some even colder weather and quite a bit of fresh snow from Kingston Plaines North. We headed to Best Western for some early morning breakfast before freezing our butts off on the trail.

After breakfast we decided the long haul was not a good idea in this cold and headed for Pictured Rock and some off trail fun.


Mook and Sharona

On our way south from pictures Rock we had a newbie rider on a rented Arctic Cat take a tumble.

So we saw a Photo opportunity...and took it...LOL. The driver was a little shook up but all is well and we took him and his ride safely to the Bear Trap.

We finally found our play area north of Kingstan Plains and played for a few hours in the fresh powder.

Here is a basic VID of the guys playing <Click Here>

Watch Closely at this VID <Click Here> ...the last frame.....NOSPRO jumps off the don't see the end but he falls off his sled into the powder......LOL

Saturday night was the Free Door Prize Give Away!!! I would like to thank Yamaha Motor Corp, North Country Yamaha, Port Washington Yamaha, Maxximum Performance, Alger Falls, Bergstrom, The Speed Shop, Simons CPR for all the great prizes. Everyone went home with something awesome!!!

Our grand prize Yamaha Coat Winner was Kyle. Out of the kindness of his heart took donations to raffle it off again to provide money to to help for shipping trivia prizes and operating costs. This was GREATLY appreciated.

The final winner of the coat and many other gifts that where also tossed in to sweeten the pot went to RocklandRX1 who drove some 17+ hours from New York to join us. He was also award a sweatshirt for driving the farthest.


As a group we decided to do a 50/50 raffle to help Gina on her Women's Easter Seal Ride.  We gathered together a few hundred dollars.  The winner of the drawing was Steve W.  He generously donated his half back to Gina to help support her ride.

I would like to thank everyone who attended this ride and all of the sponsors that donated prizes.  I want to especially thank Gina and everyone who participated in the "Thank You" cake.  After the years we have all gotten together and met new people, this site has become more than just a Yamaha information site, but it has become a big family where you can meet and find new friends.  This was by far the best Totallyamaha ride that we have held.  I know it won't be the last!