The 7th Annual #2 TY Munising MI Ride Feb 10-13th , 2007

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The February ride always seems to have an abundance of snow compared to the January ride. But for some reason the attendance was very low. With fewer riders it was quite easy to keep everyone together in a group. We headed south on Sat to visit with Yama Doc and have some lunch at Camel Riders.  Heading back north after lunch, we stumbled on a gravel pit with some fresh powder.

NosPro showing his superman talent jumped his sled at the Gravel Pit and snapped his transfer rod from his front w-arm.... 

Sunday we headed towards Bear Trap through Kingston Plaines area and onto Grand Maria . WOW did they have the snow!!! Stopped for a quick pic on the lake shore and headed back.

Sweet Trails on Sunday!!


On Monday we decided to take a ride to Miners Castle and Falls. This is when Nospro decided to sit and slide down the snow covered steps to the falls. As he headed down the 1st flight of stairs, he picked up a tremendous amount of speed, hitting the 1st landing and gaining more momentum became airborne onto the 2nd flight hooking his leg on one of the posts the held up the steps, flipping him into a spin, continuing to gain speed he took the last flight of steps backwards and onto the final landing, the group was crying from laughter.... just very happy he wasn't hurt.... I sure wish we could have video taped it as it was the highlight of the weekend.

Miners Falls!!

Later that afternoon, Rich took the group off-trail to an area along a lake with fresh powder, where we managed to do some drift busting, and carving.... awesome !!

NosPro and Pro116 have some wheelie fun!!

I would like to thank everyone that attended and hope all had a great time!!! See you in March!!