The TY Demo Ride in Munising MI, March 9-12 , 2017

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Demo Ride Video on YouTube

Day 1 : My first concern was that as I drove into the Boarders Inn and Suites parking lot on Thursday evening, with the lack of snow would we be able to have the demo rides out of the hotel? It would be just my luck, but that night we received a nice 2-4 inches of snow. I thought, to be safe, we should have the demo group set up in the Kingston Plains area south of Grand Marias. So our day started from the parking lot and making tracks through all the loops of 88, 888, and then on to Seney. It was a damn cold day but we made the best of it with flat trails and good company. We checked in at the Yamaha Demo and they pulled thru 17 groups of riders on Friday.



Day 2 :  We decided that to be safe, we would have another Demo day from the the parking lot. Another 4 to 6" of snow fell overnight. The trails improved even more than day 1 and was still cold. Day 2 was a scenic day. We went north out of the parking lot then to the Log Slide, Hurricane River then to lunch in Grand Marais. We then went off to search for the Trapper Cabin which ended up in a success!!  After the cabin, we drove down to Seney for a soda and fuel and then back to the parking lot. Once again, we checked in at the Yamaha Demo and they pulled thru 30 groups of riders for Saturday.  They said this was the most traffic they have seen all season and were so surprised given the remote location of the set up. 





Thank you for joining us on the Totallyamaha Rides. See you next year!!