The TY Giveaway Ride Munising MI Jan 28th thru Feb 1st, 2016

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Once again the TY Giveaway Ride was a great success. The only down fall of the ride this year was the grooming, or lack there of.  There was plenty of snow, but the Munising area really needs to crack down and get a handle on this grooming situation or they will be pushing snowmobilers and lots of money out of the community. With the new TY Give Away set up, we have learned from our past process and once again it was very organized and went very smooth. We booked 57 rooms at the Boarders Inn and Suites and that was 10 more rooms then last year! Thank you to all the members that came out for this ride. This is set up for all of you that participate on the site as members and especially VIP members who give more than just a registration. Special thanks to OnlyBlue (Todd K) our MC, Stephanie (My Soul Mate aka Frank the Tank) and Scott and Jason from Muffin Works. Also, a great big hug for Angela and her staff at Boarders Inn and Suites/Half Pint Pub. Finally, a HUGE thank you for all the donations from our sponsors. We couldn't have done this without all of you! Yamaha USA, Yamaha Canada, Yamaha Power Equipment, Yama-Lube, Port Washington Yamaha, Castle X, Power Sports1,, Boarders Inn and Suites, Muffin Works,,, Cranky Ape, EVO Powersports, One Stop Performance,, Dranttel Sales and Service,, Dalton Industries, Curve Industries, Ulmer Racing, DynoJet Powercommander, Excell Motorsports, Thunder Products,,, Straightline Performance, Amato....Hope you all had a  great time and we will see you on the next ride. If I have forgotten anyone, I am sorry... please email me.

It was snowing pretty good Thursday, even on my last hours drive to the hotel. Unloaded all the contributions and had a few beverages at the Half Pint and headed to bed to get rested for the first ride.


 Friday morning I was really uncertain on where to go. Trail reports where coming in that Grand Marais and Seney areas were terrible and the Muni trails were still not up to par, so we took a small group to Lakenenland, over Marquette Mountain and then to Gwinn for lunch at the Up North Lodge. Great job on the trails Gwinn as always!!! Your area has never let me down with some of the best grooming in the U.P.!!


Friday night Karaoke taken over by Greg.


On Saturday, things just didn't fall in to place for me and I had to sit this one out. I had Todd (Onlyblue) take the group south towards the Buckhorn on trail 7 to try and get away from Trail 8. The group had a fairly good ride down to Big Springs but on the way back there were so many riders heading south and with the warmer weather the trails were ripped up like a Snow X track.

After all the great fun on Saturday nights Giveaway, some riders went home and some stayed for another day of poor trails. At this point, a few small groups went in all kinds of directions. We started to head North Sunday and actually ran into a groomer...I was shocked! But the trails past Shingleton had taken a beating and were still in need of grooming. We decided to try to head south down the Haywire trail and it actually started to improve to the point where we could smile again and actually enjoy the ride. We ended up taking the loop down to Manistique and back up to Big Springs. The trails were looking in fine shape until we hit the Midway/Camel Riders area and the Snow X trails began again all the way back to Muni. 


Raffle Time

Below is some of the first TYers that rode together in the days of Alger Falls Motel


Here are some winners from the TY Give Away.  A few people really had a winning streak this year!!  At least Big Guy didn't take all of the prizes this year!


Thank you once again for all the fun on the TY Give Away ride. It was a great pleasure seeing everyone again and meeting new people. See you on the next ride!