The TY Giveaway Ride Munising MI Feb 1st thru Feb 4th, 2019


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On this year's Give Away Ride, we were welcomed with a heavy dumping of snow just before we arrived on Thursday.  It was a little cold Friday, but warmed up nicely for some excellent riding for the whole weekend!  There was some rain that happened as we left on Monday, but overall it was an amazing time and it was so good to see the familiar faces and all of the new ones too!  Alger County SORVA did an awesome job with the grooming, especially on trail 8, and we saw a groomer each day we were riding. 

The Boarders Inn and Suites has been amazing for every ride we have there...they are like a second home! We love you guys!! 50 rooms booked and a few others came in from other camps or hotels. Michelle (FunSizeGraveDigger) Brian (GraveDigger) and Meaghan (Care_Bear) walked around selling 50/50 tickets to keep the lines down at the main registration table and they killed it!  Kiddy came to $350 for the winner, which we split between two people ($250 and $100 per). Pre registration was on Friday the night before the the big event and kept the lines the day of to a minimum. We really appreciate everyone that helped and hope that everyone had a great sure looked like you did! Thank you to all the members that came out for this ride. This is set up for all of you that participate on the site as members and especially VIP members who give more than just a registration.

Please make sure that everyone thanks the sponsors who are always there for us every year for this event. Yamaha SnowmobilesYamalube USAYamaha Power EquipmentPat's MotorsportsCastle X, Thunder Products Clutching, Inc., Barnofparts.comEvolution PowersportsTA Motorsports Inc.Boarders Inn & Suites of Munising,, Hurricane Racing Products, Dalton Industries, PORT YAMAHAUlmer RacingBiteharderExcell MotorsportsDranttel Sales and ServiceHyGear Suspensions, Lake Effect SnowCURVE INDUSTRIES-, Shock Doc , MTNViper - Rollover SnowMoYard, GRIP On Tools, Brite Lites, Sandale Exhausts, Tobe Outerwear. Also thank you goes out to yamawheels (Jim Zomchek), Tanner Zombos kid and Zombo (Joe Zomchek) for their Totallyamaha sign donation as well as donations from businesses who are not vendors on the site.

Thanks to those that helped out at the Giveaway: Onlyblue (Todd Kendrick), Frank the Tank (Stephanie Grawey), Gina (Gina Silvers), Gravedigger (Brian Graves), Funsizegravedigger (Michelle Graves), Meaghan, Turtle (Jason Marcott), Muffin (Scott Marcott).


Fun on Thursday night when we rolled into town

We cannot say Thank You enough for Angela and her staff at Boarders Inn and Suites and Pip at Half Pint Pub. They are the best and miss them already! Hope you all had a great time and we will see you on the next ride.


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Friday, I had a small group and it was really cold in the morning.  We traveled south to Manistique and then over to Big Springs.  The boat was not functioning at the time because it was too cold, so we couldn't venture out to see the fish, but there were plenty of ducks there to entertain us!  After lunch we went north back to the hotel to warm up and start the pre-registration.


Saturday was another small group and short ride so we could get back for to set up the raffle.  We went to Lakenenland, over Marquette Mountain, and towards Gwinn for lunch and gas at the Crossroads.  If you eat there, I suggest getting the Pasties!  From there we shot back to Chatham and to the hotel to begin the set up.



Giveaway time!!



Here are a few of the main winners!



Sunday was a low key ride with a smaller group.  We travelled to Seney where we gassed up and ate some lunch.  We gathered a couple people at lunch and B-lined back for the Super Bowl party.  Thank you to everyone who brought a dish and for Michelle who set up a lot of it while we were out riding.  Thanks to Gina, Meaghan, Michelle, and Bryan (the other Brian) for the clean up crew, and anyone else I may have missed.  It was a good thing we had good company to keep us entertained during the game...LOL.


Thank you again to everyone who participated, contributed, and volunteered their time for this event.  Totallyamaha would not be here without you and we truly appreciate everyone who makes this all possible.      

Thank you once again for all the fun on the TY Give Away ride. It was a great pleasure seeing everyone again and meeting new people. See you on the next ride!