TY Giveaway Ride Munising, MI Feb 8 thru Feb 12, 2024


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Thank You to the Boarders Inn and Suites and Pip at Half Pint Pub for the outstanding staff and hospitality. A very special thank you to all the extra help from Stephanie, Mike, Dale, Dan, Christy, Meaghan, Michelle (FunSizeGraveDigger) and Brian (GraveDigger)! Thank you to all the members that came out for this ride even with zero snow in most places. We defiantly made the best of a terrible winter and poor trail conditions or lack there of. This is set up for all of you that participate on the site as members and especially VIP members who give more than just a registration.

Please make sure that everyone thanks the sponsors who are always there for us every year for this event. Yamaha SnowmobilesSnowStuds.com, Mainway Solutions, Blown ConceptsCastle X, Thunder Products Clutching, Inc., Barnofparts.comTA Motorsports Inc.Boarders Inn & Suites of Munising, MIRoczToyz, Dalton Industries, PORT YAMAHA, CB Performance,  Dranttel Sales and Service, CURVE INDUSTRIES-, Shock Doc , Off Trail Repairs, The Greaser, AK Welding and Fabrication. Also, a thank you goes out to, Jeff Erickson for 509 Jackets, Scott Marcott and Bethany for the Polaris Cooler, Meaghan for the baskets, Cameron (Maim) for Regional Spring Gear, yamawheels (Jim Zomchek), Tanner Zombos kid (car care stuff) and Zombo (Joe Zomchek) for the extra effort to bring in a few prizes from Fuel Performance, The Helmet House, Chroma Hair, Boe N Tee Stichery, O'Reileys Auto Parts, Tracy (Bigfoot) TY Flag and Aaron Schiferl for the cheese boxes.


Thank you Greg Mulherin with special guest Viper Dave for the entertainment on Saturday night.  As always, it was the perfect way to end the night!


Thursday - Jeff (Steiner) and his wife Rhonda as well as Cameron and Meaghan made the trip once again from Canada. We had the entire day to take in a few water falls and went on little hike into Wagner falls, Munising Falls and to Sand Point


Friday - With no snow, we had several people bring UTVs to make the best out of the no snow conditions. We headed south of the hotel on some logging roads towards Big Springs on a big loop.




Saturday- Another day of poor snow conditions brought out yet another loop on the UTVs and onto Buckhorn for lunch.


Giveaway time!!



Sunday - Marquette Bowling and winding down to watch the Super Bowl at the Half Pint Pub.


If anyone has any other photos they would like to share please send the to webmaster@totallyamaha.com  

Half Pint


Thank you again to everyone who participated, contributed, and volunteered their time for this event.  Totallyamaha would not be here without you and we truly appreciate everyone who makes this all possible. See you on the next ride!


Thanks again to all the sponsors, donators and helpers.