The11th Annual TY Munising MI Ride Jan 7-9th , 2011

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Well it was one of those years that could have gone bad but when you get that many die hard TY Sledders in one area it just has to snow. On the ride up it started snowing about 20 miles out and the entire time I was there my truck was buried in about 15". With the marginal conditions in the week prior, the new found snow was a great ease on the stress of not be able to ride at all.

Friday morning a group of us headed from Muni to the Bear Trapp for breakfast.... and they ran, so we ate lunch. From there we headed towards Kingston Plaines and then North to Grand Marais for fuel. Once fueled we drove south to Seney and then back to the rail grade for out hike back to Muni.

Saturday morning my group headed to Chatham for breakfast, then onto Gwinn for fuel then north to Marquette and over Marquette mountain and onto the Sculpture Park for a break. Drove the lake shore rail grade east towards Christmas and as the trail started getting rough as hell we found a fire road south back to trail 8. Ran the rest of trail 8 back to into Muni.

Sunday morning before packing up the truck, we decided to do one last ride to the west on trail 8 over to Chatham for breakfast. Raoul , Rock, Kurt and Nick kept riding onto Gwinn as I turned back and blasted the power lines and some logging roads alone.

Once again thank you to everyone that came on the ride and sorry if I did not get to talk with everyone.

Extra Pics from Peterb