-Do not switch to engage 4X4 if the rear tires are spinning. This may cause severe damage to the 424 Select unit.

-Read and understand all instructions before proceeding. Make sure that you have all necessary tools and parts before beginning the installation. Refer to the owner's manual for detail illustrations on your particular Yamaha model.


Yamaha Model


Warn PN


2000-2003  66056


1995-1999 66055


1. Remove the front plastic prop-shaft guard, Figure 1. There are three bolts securing the guard into place, two on the differential and one near the engine. Set guard and hardware aside for later use.

2. Remove the front and rear bolts that hold the differential into position. The front bolt location is shown in Figure 2 and the rear bolt location in shown in Figure 3.

3. It maybe necessary to loosen the A-arm bolts to remove the differential bolts. It is not necessary to remove the bolts. Just loosen and slide bolt enough to remove the differential bolts. Figure 4 shows the front right A -arm bolt loosened and moved to allow the front differential bolt to be removed.

Figure 2 Front Differential Bolt

Figure 1 Plastic Prop-Shaft Guard

Figure 3 Rear Differential Bolt

Figure 4 A-Arm Bolt

I. FRONT SHAFT REMOVAL continued....

4. CAREFULLY slide the protective boots to expose the U-joint connection and retaining rings on each end of the shaft Figure 5. The boots will be re-used on the new 424 Select unit.

5. Pull the differential forward, towards the front of the ATV, to remove the prop- shaft from the U- joints. Remove the shaft from the ATV.

Note: Be careful not to loose the spring and thrust washer on the differential side of the prop-shaft.

Figure 5 Stock Prop-Shaft


1. Remove both protective boots, retaining rings, thrust washer and spring from removed prop-shaft, Figure 6. All components will be reused in the 424 Select application.


~~ ".-.

2. Place the shorter protective boot and one retaining ring onto the input side ofthe 424 Select unit, the shaft opposite side of the cable. The protective boot must be placed on first with the retaining ring to follow, Figure 7.

3. Place the longer protective boot onto the output shaft, the side the cable is coming out of. Place the retaining ring onto the shaft followed by the thrust
washer and spring, Figure 7.

Avoid damaging the protective boots when removing and installing.


Figure 6 Removed Prop-Shaft

Figure 7 424 Select Unit

4. Install the 424 Select unit onto the ATV in the same location as the removed prop-shaft, Figure 8. Align the 424 Select unit into the engine side V-joint first. Next, pull the front differential forward so that there is enough room to slide the unit onto position. It maybe necessary to rotate the differential slightly until the splines line up .

5. Reinstall the front differential mounting bolts and tighten all fasteners to the recommended torque settings located in your owners manual.

6. Using a 5/64" Allen wrench, attach the anti- rotation bracket to the 424 Select using the 8-32 screw and lock washer, Figure 9. Do not tighten at this point. Attach the anti-rotation strap to this bracket using the 1/4-20 bolt, fender washer and lock nut. Attach anti-rotation strap to frame using W' - 20 V -bolt, washers and lock nut provided in kit Figure 9 and Figure 10.

7. At this point the anti-rotation bracket and all other mounting hardware can be tightened.

The 424 Select unit should be allowed to rotate slightly. Do not stretch or over tighten strap.



Figure 8 424 Select Unit

Figure 9 Anti-Rotation Hardware

Figure 10 Anti-Rotation Hardware


8. It is recommended to modify the plastic prop- shaft guard and reinstall onto ATV to protect the U- joints. Refer to the following Figures for the recommended cutting location.

9. Reinstall the V-joint guards and secure with the original hardware used to secure the plastic prop- shaft guard.

Figure 11 Plastic Prop-Shaft Guard

Figure 12 Recommended Cut Line

Figure 14 U-Joint Cover on Differential

Figure 13 Recommended Cut Line

Figure 15 U-Joint Cover on Engine


1. To route and install cable it is necessary to disassemble handle. Remove red push button by loosening setscrew, Figure 16. Depress button while loosening screw and release slowly, remove spring, Figure 17.

2. Loosen setscrew in black handle and remove. Remove black knurled knob, washer and mounting nut, Figure 18.

3. Route cable using the least number of and largest bends possible to allow for the smoothest operation of cable. The initial routing should be above the differential and below the steering control arms.

Figure 16 Red Push Button

Figure 17 Red Push Button and Spring

4. Slide the rubber grommet, located on the left front side of the ATV, away from the plastic fender so that the cable can be routed through this area, Figure 19.

5. If necessary, use cable ties to keep cable away from moving parts. If used, keep ties loose to allow free operation of cable.

Avoid kinking or damaging the control cable
and housing during installation

Figure 18 Black Handle

Figure 19 Cable Routing


6. Place the rubber grommet back into it's original position, Figure 20. Determine a mounting location for the cable bracket.

Note: Before drilling, verify the handle is clear of any obstruction while turning the handlebars. Turn handlebars to full left and right.

7. Using mounting bracket as a template, mark and drill two 1,4" holes through plastic.

8. Mount bracket using two l,4" - 20 xl" bolts, lock nuts and fender washers. Install mounting nut and washer onto cable assembly. Slide cable assembly through mounting bracket and hand tighten black knurled knob. If necessary, slightly tighten mounting nut.

9. Install black handle until threads bottom out with light finger pressure. Do not over tight, and tighten set-screw.

Note: Do not use pliers on brass shaft

10. Install cable spring and red push button. Fully depress red push button and tighten setscrew.

Know what is behind plastic when drilling. Avoid all electrical wires and DO NOT drill into the gas tank.

Figure 20 Cable Routing

Figure 21 Cable Bracket Location


Test for proper operation of the 424 Select unit. The cable should have a smooth pull and should positively lock into the 4X2 mode when pulled.
Release the cable and shift into 4X4 be depressing the red push button. If cable assembly feels stiff or will not lock into position, adjust cable assembly in at. th~ adjuster (less thread showing) until proper feel is achieved Figure 22.


Figure 22 Cable Adjuster

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