Sled: 1978 SW440

Location: Iceland

Nickname: Bjarni

This sled was found under a sheet in an machine house near by an old
farm.  Birds had covered it with bird droppings so the new owner was very surprised when he cut the dirt sheet of it, it was almost like new laying
there under it, he bought it immediately from the old farmer who had owned it since 1978.  Only the skis had to be painted and small rust dots on front suspension mountings.  With new gasoline it started up and it runs like new.  Previous owner had only taken two cans of milk to the main road when it was new and then parked it !  This is without a doubt the best old Yamaha in Iceland.  It was driven 44km when it was found and it is now standing in 145km.  (It just had to be tested a little)  Note that the
original spare drive belt and emergency start rope is still like new in the
tool box and the track is like new.  The new "owner" (his son) stands proud next to the sled on one of the pictures.  Bjarni at Yamaha Iceland is morethan glad to give any more info.  Please e-mail on


 We at Totallyamaha thank Bjarni for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.