Sled: 2001 SRX700

Pic Info:

In the foreground

is my 2001 SRX 700.  Completely stock.  2100 miles, 0
crashes, 0 arrests, only repair I've done is change
out the original plugs once, so it's on it's second
set.  My first sled.  Love it.  Will never leave.

In the background

is my friend's 1998 SRX700.  His has Ohlins and a
pipe.  4230 miles, 0 arrests, 1 crash.

This picture was taken in Gaylord, Michigan.  Together
we've torn up almost 1500 miles of trails on both
sides of the bridge!

Above are the same sleds in Grand Marais, Michigan

 We at Totallyamaha thank BlueFlew for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.