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Sled: 2001 SRX

From: Cedar Rapids Iowa 

  Modifications:144 woody's studs, Tempa flow, & Geared

Note: " The pictures were taken in my buddies back yard while just messing around. Grass drag in the fall, snow drag and trail ride in the winter. This is my first sled ever, I'm originally from SW Kansas, not much snow there. First ride ever was on my buddies '99 SX600. Loved that sled. Then snow dragged another budies '96 skidoo 583 for the first time and got 2nd.  Was hooked ever since.  I love this SRX.  Chose the Yamaha because of the superior fit and finish, nice ride, triple power, and of coarse the Yamaha Blue.  I am 26 years old married with a 10 month old daughter and my wife is already afraid that my daughter is going to be riding, and racing sleds. (can you say tomboy).  I love seeing more and more blue sleds on the trails and at the races." 

 We at Totallyamaha thank Jeff for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.