Youngest This is LCFD48's  younger brother in the pic.



Sled:2002 Yamaha SRX 700 w\DCS

Nickname: LCFD48

From: Rome, NY

  Modifications: Holeshot full coverage Pan, V force Reeds, Hauck Growler Silencer,  192 Woody 1 1\8" studs, exchanger protectors. Hauck Performance clutch Kit #4 and Maxximum transfer rods. Marginal wheel kit, and 4 extra axles in the suspension with two 2 3\4 " bogie wheels each of them.

" I bought a tether switch, but
I don't know where the best place for it is, I would
like to see what Kind of opinions other people have. Please let me know what you think.".

Near Future Mods... Gear reduction, cold air kit

Comments: I have been riding for almost 10 years now. I have ridden a good amount of sleds. I have owned several different brands.  From what I have seen Yamaha has the best put together sled out there. You can't beat it, Looks, acceleration, cornering, It just screams Performance!!! All the other brands I have ridden have to be wrenched on before you ride. From what I see this sled does not need the constant replacing of parts. Which is the problem with virtually every sled. Yea you may have to tighten a few bolts, (a price I'm willing to pay) At least the sled does not require you put money into it before every ride like every other brand.  Try the other brands, but in the end you will still wish you bought a Yamaha!!! I know I did!!! Have a safe winter this year everyone!!!

 We at Totallyamaha thank LCFD48  for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.