Name: Mac

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Sled:2001 SRX Mountain 835cc


From: SLC, Utah.


Modifications: MPI/Ekholm Tunnel, rolled chain case, MPI/Ekholm single shock
rear skid, Ti springs, MPI Shocks, MPI/Ekholm 1 piece Hood, Avenger 3, 151
 Camo, Hiperfax, 8" Big Wheel, MPI Ti axle and Jack, MPI stainless rotor,MPI
Hub, MPI stainless brake line, MPI moly handle bars, MPI riser, MPI radius
 rods, tie rods and drag link, MPI moly steering column, V-force, MPI reed
spacers, Maxximum roller secondary, Bender 835 SRX, Bender 835 pipes with
 HPC, Trikeel Skis, Custom shock mount brackets, MPI/Peak Billet Head,Custom
 billet water log, reversed cooling w/o surge tank, MPI/Boss seat, MPI air
 intake kit, Remote fuel screw adjusters, MPI/Ekholm gas rack, Blue OEMlong
 flap, extrovert drivers, MPI Moly trailing arms, MPI 7075 steering arms,MPI
7075 spindles, MPI/Ekholm ice scratchers, Maxximum Speed adjusters on the
 shocks, Mpi shock valving, MM/SX belly pans (yes the SRX motor fits but
ourhood is 2" taller than stock), MPI 6061 front inner bumper, MPI moly
steering gate, MPI/Ekholm foot rests, MPI/Ekholm rear bumper, MPI/Ekholm
 front/sides/rear heat exchangers, Non-production 2001 CDI
 Next time we'll list the stock parts: gas Tank and the front 1/2 of the

 We at Totallyamaha thank MPI  for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.