PowerValve 700

Sled: 2002 SXViper

From: Labrador City, Canada


- 1.187" Camoplast track (9792 full-block)

- Ceramic-coated Bender triple pipes

- Bender Powershift clutch kit

- Bender rear heat exchanger

- Opticool headgasket

- Racepak Avenger III

- Anti-ratchet drive sprockets

- Reverse kit

- ACS Max 9" carbide runners

- Engine torque limiter kit

- Gutted airbox w/ TPI air valves

- Holtzman Vari-flow

- Bender remote fuel screw adjusters

- Bender direct oil injection kit

- Maxxperf preload speed adjusters

- Home-made reed spacers

- 20T top sprocket

- FAI modification w/ pre-filters

- Mtn Viper tailpipe protector/deflector

- engine coolant heater

- 45 degree J-hooks w/ full coverage grips

- Electric visor plug-in

- Tether cord

- Fuel shut-off valve

- Cobra flamed windshield

- Blue snowflap (cut shorter)

- Black traction brackets

- Black sno-slips

- Blue headlight covers

- Modified GYT-R blue skid plate

- Blue hyfax

- Blue radius rod trim

- Blue trailing arm caps

- Blue wire loom on wires and cables

- Custom Teflon fangs

- Custom Totallyamaha.com decals ;o)


 We at Totallyamaha thank PowerValve 700 for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features. Most upgrades and modifications on your sled can be done right in your own garage. You can use maintenance software to help understand your vehicle as well.