Q: I'm curious, do you guys work for Yamaha Motor Corp.?

Q: What is the ultimate "goal" of this site?

Q: If I register for one forum (TY4stroke Forum or TY Forum) do I need to register for the others?

Q: Do I have to register on the all forums to post?? (ATV Forums-Grizzltyinfo.com, TY Forums -Totallyamaha.net and TY4Stroke - ty4stroke.com)

                    A: Yes. Each of these are actually different sites with separate databases all under the Totallyamaha ownership.

Q: Are there any Rules when posting on the Forums??

                    A: Yes..

General Info: Totallyamaha cannot fix your snowmobile warranty issues. You have to take your problems to the dealers. Please use the site to gather any info you may need. We recommend that you go see your dealer about warranty problems or any problems you think are warranty issue. We will not remove your complaint if you do choose to post but please put them in the correct area, suspension, electrical or what have you. This site is an open site with some very minor rules; please respect our decisions and your fellow Yamaha owners.

Yamaha does not own this site or any other site that is associated directly to Totallyamaha. Granted we do get occasional support from Yamaha as well as many other advertisers and get requests to do specific things but everything in some respect has a price. We are no sell out and will continue to look at it from the consumer side.

Redundant Posts: Please try and search the forum before asking questions on specific topics such as skis to use, stud qty’s or patterns and so on. Please see FAQ Forum section prior to asking questions. This will help keep the site nice and clean. Also we expect if a questions has been asked that you feel has been answered before please help the users search for that topic or send them in the right direction to find it. Remember you were new once also. Click the Search Function on the above menus.

Selling items: Please use the classified section for all sales and wanted items. Please start prefacing your “For Sale” posts with "FS" and your “Wanted” items with “WB” or "WTB". We highly recommend this to make it easier for others to read through the posts faster. If you do not start prefacing you classified posts, they may be removed. Only users that are NOT DEALERS/AFTERMARKET SHOPS are allowed to use this feature unless you are a paying advertiser. If you are a dealer and wish to sell on Totallyamaha you will need to contact webmaster@totallyamaha.com unless you are a paying advertiser. This is a benefit to you, as users please do not abuse it.

NEW Selling/Posting RULE: If any Company tries to sell on the site, they will be warned and be removed for 1 day, if they try to sell again behind the radar after being warned they will be removed.

Off Topic: Please use Lounge for all 'Off-Topic' type posts relating to things other than Yamaha Related Info. If you choose to post in other sections of the site, be prepared to have them moved or removed. So please put topics in their proper areas, again this will make it easier to navigate through the forum.

Profanity, Sexual Harassing Content, Religion or Politics of any kind will not be tolerated in the public forums and will result in suspension of your account. These topics promote to many issues that will usually escalate into some kind of unnecessary battle or complaint. This is a Yamaha site and those of you that feel you need to post these things can look elsewhere. See Infractions if you choose to cross this line.

Flaming/Bashing Users or Thread Hijacking: Flaming/Bashing or being disrespectful to others/dealers/vendors etc.. will not be tolerated and will result in suspension of your account. Thread Hijacking is a very common occurrence and this turns some if the very informative threads into a real mess. Please start you own post and leave those topics move in the direction that they where intended. See Infractions if you choose to cross this line.

Advertisements: If you are a paying advertiser on Totallyamaha then you have the right to mention sales or sell your product on the site. If you are a non-paying advertiser, after market shop, dealer etc and you start posting sales you will lose your account and posts will be deleted without notice. Any discussion of after market companies or parts is encouraged for the good of the user on Totallyamaha Forum as long as sales is not the main focus of that post. Any Paying Advertiser Product Name comparison with out notification to that advertiser or Totallyamaha will be removed without notice. Example: “One Paying Advertisers Kits is Better then Another’s” Group buys or pushing products for your benefit will not be tolerated without permission. Please have the respect for the Advertisers that do pay to run Ads on Totallyamaha and not post your sales. If you wish to pursue banner type advertising email the webmaster@totallyamaha.com.

All ads that are from Totallyamaha Advertisers have to be posted in the Lounge prefaced with “AD” or posted in their “Preferred Area” if you have one on the site.

After Market Business’s: Please see advertising. Remember we don’t want business’s to be misleading about products or information that may sway users in the wrong direction.

Links to other Yamaha sites: Linking to other sites relating to Yamaha is welcome and encouraged on Totallyamaha.com in our links pages. If you wish to be added please email webmaster@totallyamaha.com. http://www.totallyamaha.com/Totallyamaha/links.htm

Links to non-Yamaha sites: We welcome links to other types of sites as well, however we do NOT welcome links to pornographic or otherwise adult related content in the public sections. Any posting of porn related issues will result in immediate suspension of your account. Be an adult and respect others. Any site posting links with in the forum trying to gain traffic from Totallyamaha will be removed and account suspended.

Valid Email Address in profile: You MUST have a valid email address in your profile. This is for two reasons.. 1] so it holds someone responsible for your posts; 2] so I don't get bounced emails from the server for posts that you have made.

Avatars: Please add your AV’s in good taste as others frequent Totallyamaha that may not appreciate some of the AV content that has been permitted to date. Lets help our young Yamaha owners get focused in the right direction in life as well as have some respect for some of the young ladies, Moms, etc… that frequent the site. If you have any questions or concerns about your AV’s, please send them to the moderators and we will gladly help you make the right decision.

Posting with a certain degree of respect towards other members is mandatory on Totallyamaha: Hotly debated topics are sometimes the most fun, but if you resort to name calling or bashing you can expect a temporary suspension (or in rare cases permanent suspension) of your account. We are expecting a very busy season, and it needs to be understood that the focus of this particular site is the enjoyable exchange of information. If your focus is to have your opinion be 'the opinion' then you may have a rough time of it. We all have the right to respectfully disagree with one another.

Bashing of advertisers will not be tolerated: Without proper funding, Totallyamaha would not exist and would not be available to you. Objective positive or negative discussions are encouraged. However if you do have a problem with a vendor, bring it up with them privately first so they are not blindsided by unexpected.

Infractions: Abusive posts will not be tolerated keep all discussions and differences of opinion good-natured and on a positive note.

1st offense for swearing, berating, thread Hijacking and minor infractions Warning from Mod or 1day ban.

Second offense of above as well as major infractions (Sexual Harassment, or breaking major written rules above)

1 week Ban

If infractions continue, indefinite banning of a users name and IP or until further notice.

Q: I want to be featured, what do I do?

Q: I want to Advertise, what do I do?

Q: I don't have a picture of my sled. Can I still be featured?

A: Yes you can, just send us your info, but we would be happy if you could send us a photo of it ASAP. If  no picture is available we have archives of standard photos to post in its place.

Q: How about my privacy if I join?

A: You just tell us what you want us to know, we won't give your e-mail address to anyone, unless you want to have that on your feature page. We won't give out any information about you that you don't want us to give out

Q: Who owns this site?

A: Tom Grawey owns, manages and designed Totallyamaha.com/.net ,ATV Forum (GrizzlyInfo.com) TY Forum and the TY4Stroke.com . Contact webmaster@totallyamaha.com for more info.

Thank you for your Interest in Totallyamaha and check back often.

Totallyamaha is not responsible for any damages that modifications may cause to your vehicle; any modifications are your responsibility if you choose to do so. We are providing information ONLY. Some of these modifications may VOID your warranty and that is your responsibility to look into. The Totallyamaha users have passed along most of the information found on this site. If you have any questions or concerns about anything on this site talk to your dealer before using any of the information. Totallyamaha will not be liable for any damages or personal injury from any modification performed from this site.

Email- Webmaster@totallyamaha.com