Team  Tahma

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Our Team:
Pekka Sallinen,             VMax 700; 1999; Öhlins; PSI Performance Exhaust Pipes; Wide Plastic Skies (for powder...)
Jyrki Vinnari,                VMax 700; 1999; Öhlins; Wide Plastic Skies..
Tapani Holm                 VMax 700; 1999; Öhlins; Wide Plastic Skies..
Pekka Haapalainen       SXR  700;   2001; original...
New Members:
Kyösti Koivunen            SRX 700; 1999; original..
Matti Korpivaara          SRX 600; 1999; original..
friend...                          SXR 600; 1999; original..
Lauri xxx                       SXR 700; 2000; original..
Mauri xxx                      XTC 700; 1997;Öhlins;  PSI Performance Exhaust Pipes; Plastic Skies..
Yamaha Enthusiastics ?????

 General Information: At the moment we (Team Tahma) are building a log-house (accommodate 12 persons, others houses available also) to Levi and start kind of "Extreme- Safari Trips" from Levi. Our company's name is "Tahman Taika Ltd"  This name is already known and we have some sledheads, who always wants to join us to our extreme trips in April, usually 6-9 days around Lapland, Finland, Sweden and Norway.  Our team originally consists of five members, but actually there are four members (one´s retired, injury) and now five new members are about to join.

Previous year we did the trip to Norway- Skibotn, and we arranged our diving gears to that fjord and we spent some time there by diving. Every trip has some special activities and long long trails to drive. This years trip is starting on March 31st from Levi and will last 8 days;1500 miles. We are heading to Kirkkoniemi/Norway to see our friend, who set up the diving resort there and aswell, to taste those delicious King Crabs, fetched by If You interested to join us for few days, You are most welcome; and of course, if there are interested sledheads in
USA/Canada, with a short notice, we can arrange everything in Lapland (just arrange the flights..)  At the moment we are also planning trip to Russia.

We four Team Tahma-members are Gas Station entrepreneurs in Finland, and furthermore of entrepreneurship,  I am living and working in Philippines at the moment. But Still, I have done two visits already within last three months to Finland/Lapland for snowmobiling. Christmas-New Years and then previous week. Next trip is after four weeks. Am I Sledhead?????? Last year I drove 4700 miles, and I am living in Philippines... This winter already 1300 miles.


 We at Totallyamaha thank Team Tahma  for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.