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Sled: 1998 Mountian SRXtreme

Nickname: YPVSrules's 

  Modifications:  Ekholm 1st generation tunnel, drop and rolled chain case, Ekholm lightweight H-Arm, removed parking brake assembly, 2 * 141 Camoplast Challenger track, 2000 MM suspension geometry, narrowed ski stance to 38" C to C, Ski-Doo flexi-skis (deeper keel for deep snow turning) using modified stock USI mounts, 9 tooth anti-ratchet drivers, lightweight brake hub, Bender cold air kit, gutted & modified air box, Ekholm silencer, Mountain bar, drilled rails, removed excess bogies, Avenger III racepak with all sensors, remote mount dial-a-jet, sno-stuff windshield, base - clear coated hood with graphics, 19/39 gearing, removed pipe wrapping, removed hood insulation, lightened coil bracket, hood hinges, SLP torque arm, SLP braided steel brake hose, lightweight suspension cross shaft, removed transfer rods and brackets (made an aircraft cable limiter strap), Hot grips (easier on the hands than the factory ones), Heelclicker 45-7, Bender Helix 53/47 wound 6-1


 We at Totallyamaha thanks YPVSrules's  for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.