Name: Todd C.

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Sled: 2001 SXr 700  

Nickname: YAMSXR

From: Mass.


Motor: LP Boost Bottle. 1 layer head gasket, bored silencer, Tempa- Flow, Classified clutching. Front: sno-tek power crank, sno-tek adj. sway bar, Yamaha heavy front springs @ max pre-load, Yamaha billet steering arms, C&A pro skis w/ 10" woody's carbides. Rear: Bender TS-3 rods, 96 Woody's W/ Fas-trac plastic backers, Limiter straps cranked and springs pre-loaded big. Mics: SRX windscreen, 1" handlebar riser, GYT skid plate, floor board inserts. This Bitch handles like no other sled and rides like Shit, AWESOME !  

 We at Totallyamaha thank Yamsxr for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.