All specification data in this manual are listed in SI and METRIC UNITS. Use this table to convert METRIC unit data to IMPERIAL unit data.

Metric   Multiplier   Imperial
**mm x 0.03937 = ** in
2mm x 0.03937 = 0.08 in




  Metric Unit Multiplier Imperial Unit
Tightening Torque m-kg 7.233 ft-Ib
  m-kg 86.794 in-It
  cm-kg .0723 ft-Ib
  cm-kg 0.8679 in-Ib
Weight kg 2.205 Ib
  g 0.03527 oz.
Speed km/hr 0.6214 mph
Distance km 0.6214 mi
  m 3.281 ft
  m 1.094 yd
  cm 0.3937 in
  mm 0.03937 in
Volume/Capacity cc (cm3) 0.03527 oz (IMP liq.)
  cc (cm3) 0.06102 cu-in
  It (liter) 0.8799 qt (IMP liq.)
  It (liter) 0.2199 gal (IMP liq.)
Misc. kg/mm 55.997 Ib/in
  kg/cm2 14.2234 psi (lb/in2)
  Centigrade 9/5 (C) +32 Fahren!1eit (OF)


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