The following is a list of parts that are included in the ECP Filter Kit.

2 K&N Filters, 2 Pre Filters, 4 165 main jets, 4- silver CV springs, 4 temp 10 rated spark plugs. 1 crank case vent filter and oil for the case vent filter.



Once all of the parts are in order/ Remove the air box by loosening the air box clamps, remove front box strap, and crank case vent hose. As you lift the box off carefully, you will see the air box vent drain attached to the lower side of the box. You can remove the clamp and leave the hose in place. This drain will not longer be used.


Before we remove the carbs. Remove the choke cable and throttle cable from the carbs. Then start on one side and remove each black CV cap on the top of the carbs. Each cap will be held in place with 2 phillips head screws. As you remove each final screw from the cap apply slight pressure to the cap. The CV spring is right underneath the cap. As you lift each cap remove them extremely slow and look for the small o-ring that may be stuck to the cap or still in place on the top of the carb. (BE VERY CAREFULL NOT TO LOOSE THESE) Also be careful of the carb that the choke bracket is attached. Under that screw there will be a small brass colored spacer that may fall into the belly pan. (BE VERY CAREFULL NOT TO LOOSE THIS). Replace the stock CV springs with the new silver springs and reassemble in reverse order replacing all parts in their original position.


Loosen the allen head clamps that hold the carb rack to the rubber intake manifolds. Remove the gas lines from the fuel pump at the pump side that goes to the carbs. Tip carbs away from the engine and pinch off the carb anti-freeze feed hoses at the top and then the hose under the carb rack. Then remove complete carb rack from sled. Before flipping the carbs over be sure to open the drains on the bottom of each float bowl with a Allen head wrench and drain carbs.


Once you have them drained take the carbs to the bench turn the carbs upside down and remove the float bowls. Inspect pilots, float level and fuel screw adjustment per stock spec, and install the new 165 main jets. After all carbs have been inspected and new jets installed. Reinstall the carbs in reverse order. Be sure all anti freeze lines and gas lines are reinstalled.


Follow the direction on oiling the crank case filter and install into crankcase vent hose. Be sure to zip strap filter to fuel pump to help hold it up in place.


Install 1 K&N Filters per 2 carbs , tighten clamps and install prefilters.



Install new spark plugs that came in kit.


Give the sled choke and fire her up. I would suggest a clutch kit to compliment the filter install. The sound is very distinct with filters in place and will give you great joy J



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