YAMAHA Apex SE Shock Package



The Yamaha Apex SE shock package from Hygear is highly recommended for riders that have pushed their SE to the limits and are tired of the hard bottoming from the Mega Float and are looking for just a bit more from the Fox Float Ski Shocks. The bottom line with the mega float is that there is too much air volume. Hygear's kit will provide internal volume spacers, re-valving, bottoming stopper and slow speed valving changes that really make it shine in all aspects over stock. You will find the stutter bumps to be removed and a somewhat plush ride without crashing the skid over wash outs and big moguls. Ride height air setting on the Mega Float per rider weight is crucial so be sure to follow Hygear's directions to a tee.


Hygear's Air Control system added to the front Fox Float 2s gave the Apex bottoming resistance with lower riding pressure and ride height. The setting we found to work best were a ride height pressure of 65 psi and anti bottoming pressure of 175psi. Overall this provided a nice ride as well as a race car handling feel. The anti bottoming chamber is small so it will fill and build pressure fast.


Here is more info on the Air Control System from Hygear:



If you decide to add the Ulmer adjustable on board air kit you will need to inform Hygear of this prior to ordering. This kit with the extra hoses, pressure switch and gauges adds even more volume of air to the system that will work against you when tuning. I have worked through some changes with Hygear that will allow you to use this kit. Even with the changes that Hygear  has made to allow it to work with Ulmers kits it will not work as good as the stand alone revalved Mega Float. But you will gain the adjust on the fly ability that may overcome its deficiencies. I found that when riding over 100 to 200 miles per day with the Ulmer Kit  you will feel the fading in the shocks performance and find yourself fighting the air pressure to find a sweat spot.


In conclusion, the Hygear SE package works extremely well for the trail rider that wants to ride plush one day and pound the moguls the next. The downfall is that you have to monitor your pressure daily sometimes twice a day to be sure you are getting the most out of your Mega Float. Be sure to contact Hygear with your weight and riding style. They will work with you and customize your ride to the best of their ability.... you will not be disappointed.


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