Fast, Inc. Jack installation instructions

Tools Needed:

1) Ratchet with 'l2", 9/16", and 17mm sockets 2) W' wrench
3) 9/16" wrench
4) 17mm wrench
5) 1\4" AIlen wrench
6) 1/2" drill
7) 5/8" hole saw
8) 1/4" drill bit
9) Small file
10) 1" deep well socket or similar part

11) Red Loctite


1) Disconnect front limiter strap( s). and unbolt the front/center shock at the top shock eye. Disconnect the rear bolts from the top shock and then carefully lower the skid to the floor. You may need to use jack or block on the under side to help support it during bolt removal.



2) Remove rear shock from the suspension by unbolting lower cross shaft and tip shock side to side.


3) Remove FRA adjuster blocks and lower cross shaft spacers and shaft from the lower shock eye.

4) Using diagram, locate drill position on right hand rail. Drill through with 1/4" drill bit. Note: right hand rail determined by sitting on sled facing forward


5) Verify hole location is correct and drill through at new 1/4" hole with the 5/8" hole saw. Note: you may want to clean the finish with a small file. Most newer style M10 rails will have these holes already supplied and moving onto step 6 will be required.

6) Using a press, or bench vice, replace the fiber glide bushing in the lower shock eye with the metal Jack bushing. Place the 1" deep well socket on one side of the shock eye, the outer Jack bushing on the other side, and press the Jack bushing in. The fiber glide bushing will be left in the socket.
7) Press the ring on to the Jack bushing.


8) Unbolt rear axle, the bolt through the slide blocks, the smaller cross shaft in the slide block area, and the bolt through the mid idler wheels so the rails can be spread apart.

9) Insert the Jack unit into the suspension and secure with alIen bolts. Use red loctite on the allen bolts.

10) Install the rear shock into the suspension placing small Jack bushing in lower shock eye and securing into clevis with the 17mm bolt and nut. Install the rest of the shock as previously installed.

11) Reattach front top shock bolt and reset your imiter strap.

12) Finally user your original set up card to find your desired jack setting.


Use and service of the Jack:

 The Jack has been greased by Fast during assembly. but it should be greased every 1000 miles. or at least seasonally.
        a) To grease the Jack. set to full extension and pump in 2 pumps of high quality, low temp             grease to main housing, and two to the input shaft
        b) In some instances the Jack may become overfilled with grease, and will not be able to travel to the lightest settings.

To remedy this, follow this procedure:
I) Remove the grease zerk on the main housing of the Jack:
II) Crank to lowest setting:
III) If you are still having trouble expelling the excess grease. remove the shock from the Jack clevis and allow it to rotate while cranking the Jack to its lowest setting.
IV) Replace grease zerk and return Jack to your normal ride position.

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