Removing Your Mono Shock Suspension

To remove the rear mono shock suspension, raise the rear of the snowmobiles. Place a block if wood under the front of the skid just behind the bend in the rails. Lower rear of the sled and this will take the tension of the front limiter straps. Remove the 2 lower nuts and bolts that hold the straps to the lower part of the suspension.



Set your Remote Adjuster (RA) to the hardest setting. Remove the 3 Allen head screws that hold the RA to the side of the tunnel. Carefully set the RA, still attached to the skid on top of the upper arms. It should be safely out of the way.

Remove the front arm nuts and bolts that are on each side of the tunnel. Its best to keep the skid supported. Remove the rear mount bolts.  Raise the sled up enough to be able to slide the complete skid out the side of the track being very careful not to loose track of the RA. You donít want to stretch the RA cable; this will allow the cable to pop out of the shock body valve adjuster. If this happened you will need to remove the entire cable and set the shock to full hard.


Note: Why full hard??? Because on the soft side of the shock body adjuster, there are extra click that do not do anything and wont mach the clicker on the RA. If you set the adjuster to the soft side then you will loose some of the hard side of the adjuster.


At this time the complete skid should be removed for service.

To install follow directions in reverse order. If the limiter does not do the trick, remove one of the transfer rods bolts to assist  you in aligning the rear bolts during installation. You may need to push down on the rear skids to get the limiter reattached to preload the suspension.


NOTE: If you install the skid with the front bolts 1st and then the rear, its is easier to align the rear bolts if the front skis are 2 Ė3 inches off the ground . I leave the sled on my shop caster dollies.


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