Dartless Review

By Bob G

After struggling with “darting” issues over the last few seasons, finally someone has come up with a solution that works!

Early in the season last year I was back to complaining about the darting issues. In some cases I felt the sled was out of control. It was not uncommon for me to be the last guy on the trail that everyone else was waiting for. My feeling was I was pushing the handling to about the safest level I could.  The constant grabbing of the bars from my hands and the tracking in the ruts of the sled in front of me made it very uncomfortable.  Everyone has an opinion on the cause of the darting…”Shim your skis”, “Change your weight transfer”… Well I tried all of the suggestions, it was better but still the darting issues did not go away. After a closer inspection, we found my spindle bushes where pretty much warn out. I thought finally we found the problem; I was very disappointed to find it was a little more comfortable, but the darting still continued

Last year “Mr Sled” was contacted by “Apexfx” to try out a new product called “Dartless”. After a small ski modification, we bolted them on. I was a little skeptical about how this chunk of “pipe” was going to make much of deference. I was a little concerned that it may grab too aggressively in the corners. I was WRONG! These things are one of the single best upgrades I’ve ever made to a sled in my 30+ years of snowmobiling.  All darting issues are gone, not just reduced but gone. My concerns there would be issues with cornering where nonexistent.

If you are having “darting” issues, for the price, I highly recommend this product; it’s got me excited about snowmobiling again.

Find out more about this product by visiting ty4strok.com  or click "here"


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