Elka RX1 Rear Shocks

Once you have your Elka shocks unboxed you should have the items shown in the picture below less the extra springs and spacer cups. We had to contact Elka to acquire the extra springs and cups for heavier riders and to over come the extra weight of the RX1. Make sure you check your spring combos for we hoped that Elka would take out advise on more spring in the RX1 initial setup.  Before attempting to install the shocks add preload per the photo below. Around 2" of threads showing from the upper shock body on the rear shock and about 1" of thread on the center shock (almost zero preload)

Mount the shocks with the adjuster nut down on the center shock and adjuster nut forward on the rear shock. This is important for ease of remote reservoir install and location. Ref Pictures.

Once the shocks are mounted into the skid frame we can safely route the braided hoses and remote reservoirs. Removing the rear front idler wheel, marking the band locations and drilling (3) 3/16" holes in a row and carefully filing out the remaining aluminum  will produce a fairly clean slot for the SS hose clamps to go though that hold the remote cans in place.

Mount the Remote cans with SS hose clamps and rubber spacers provided and slightly tip adjuster knobs out 2 or 3 degrees, for ease of adjustment. "Do not over tighten the clamps". With the suspension fully extended by blockind the sled off the ground, zip tie the braided lines from any interference with the suspension motion. Be sure to cycle the suspension motion and double check interference between skid and lines.

You are now ready to hit the trail for some testing and set-up. In our trial we have found zero preload on the center shock spring and 2 or 3 click on the adjuster cans will bee sufficient. The rear setting is a different animal, depending on weight start in the middle setting on the rebound adjustment and about 10 click on the remote can adjustment and fine tune from there. If you are getting a kick in the pants from the sled after you hit 2 or 3 deep moguls add less rebound, if you find yourself bottoming, add more compression and/or more spring preload. Any questions contact Elka at http://www.elkasuspension.com/english/reachus.html or email webmaster@totallyamaha.com

Ride Review:

We tested these shocks for about 600 miles and it took quite some time to get them to shine. It was due to the poor initial set-up and tuning instructions. The springs were the bulk of  problem, they couldn't support the sleds weight without a rider causing the sled to couple instantly when rider weight was added. Trying to compensate by changing the spring preload would cause the spring coils to bind in turn not letting the suspension move through its entire travel because the rate of the springs were not adequate.  Once this hurtle was overcome then it was a joy riding such a fine tuned set of shocks. The quality, fit and finish where outstanding. The sled with Elkas on board could fly through fields of moguls with extreme confidence putting these shocks leaps and bounds above the stock. My biggest issue was for the price we shouldn't have to call the company and constantly be changing new springs because of poor R&D.

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