Viper Seat Riser

Place seat upside down and trace with a piece of paper the inside diameter, you will see were you need to stop on the front of the seat, cut out template, trace onto 1/4 inch plywood then cut the piece and check fitment and trim were you need to then use that piece and cut a second one, then screw front of plywood together, spread out rear of plywood about 2 1/2 to 3 inches with a small piece of wood and use spray foam from the front to the back, let it expand and dry, let it dry for 24 hrs--Trust me) cut and sand of excess around the edges of the wood (If you get air bubbles on the edges just get some silicone and fill in the holes) then pre fit and make adjustments to get a good fit, then get some black vinyl and a strip of thin foam and staple down around the edges, then place under seat and mark holes on the plywood were the bolts go through the rear of the seat on the top and the bottom and drill, then get bolt 3 inches longer .I did it on my viper 2 years ago and it works great, and it is very easy and cheap to do. By: Bearit

If you would like to make it out of metal here's some rough pics of a way you could do it with one piece of sheet metal or sheet aluminum. You would have to come up with your own dimensions for the rear and front height, but I think it would be simple enough with a metal break (bender) and metal sheer.

You could make a mock-up pattern out of cardboard to make sure your angles work

By: Sno-Xr

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