Yamaha Paint Codes

bulletSikkens Brand Blue Metallic with Pearl clearcoat code # 622 D5



Trailing arm silver:

Navistar silver pearl met.
Dupont m1930k alt. 0



Ohlins shocks yellow is Dupont 218a alternate 1


Yamaha Blue Pearl, ...this is an official Yamaha color on PPG color charts, although you can take the following recipe to any auto paint supply outlet. By: srx_eh

DMD624 58.2
DMD675 100.7
PRL92 123.9
PRL90 132.7
DBX1689 267.3



I bought both colors for $10 at Murray's Auto located in lower Michigan. Make sure you shake the color before using. Both colors are real close. By: viper7mi

Dupli-Color - manufacture
blue - HA 00980 Electron Blue Pearl B95-P Honda
silver - 77-00974 Starlight Silver (M) Clear coat 2001

The new Dupli-Colors come in a cool scratch and fix 2 in 1 pen type dispenser on top with a brush inside. The pen part fills in small spots great.



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