Allen Ulmer's Yamahas, 1998 SRX 600


(Illustration photo)

This sled is a 600 by summer and a 700 by winter.  It went the whole
grass drag season with out finishing below second.  This sled was a 2nd

place finisher behind Ingrid Nelson at HayDays and they were running
clutching setup!

Add ons/ Mods

144 Saber Warthogs
700 SRX cylinders & heads (during winter)
carbon tech reeds
Maxximum control rods
8" Saber carbides
Bender ski saddles
blue tinted windsheild
air box mod

2000 Mountain Max 700

(Illustration photo) Add ons/Mods:

Simmons skis
Bender pipes
reed spacers
V-force reeds
boost bottle

1997 SX 700

(Illustration photo)
This sled was a "parts sled" put together by some friends up at the
R&D facility.  It was used for grass drags for one summer then got
transformed into a mogul masher/trail cruiser.  It is now the best all
around handling sled I've ever driven.  The M-10 along with the widened
front end & 9" of travel make it a awesome ditch banger or trail
Even with the 10" of travel in the rear and 9" of travel in the front
sled never lifts a ski and hugs the corners.

Add ons/Mods:

mid height windshield
Power Inc pipes
reed spacers
Comet Ride On Shocks for 9" travel up front
42" ski stance
Yamaha .92 track
USI Tunnel Blade skis
6" carbide