"My sled completed" 

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"few of my favorites, from the best place in Canada to ride;
Revelstoke, BC "

Sled:2000 SRX700

Nickname: KBXSRX

From:  Paradise Valley, Alberta, Canada

  Modifications:121-136 extensions, suspension moved back 2 1'2", down 1 1/4", 141 Yamaha 2" track, Digitron 4, Variflow, 1" handlebar riser, tunnel extension (by Me!), Bender can, cold air kit, exhaust deflector, extroverts, 2KMMAX foot guards to replace bumper cover, MADD box over belt guard, spx rods. SOS beacon Standard Eqpt.

 We at Totallyamaha thank KBXSRX  for sending us information on his sled and hopes he keeps coming back for more fun at TY.