Nickname: Kov's
Real name: R. Kahovec
From:        Rosetown, Sask.

Modifications/ add ons

Kov's has come up with a cheap, good set-up for his sled.

It is as following:

3.6 gram rivet in 1st hole and 3.6 gram rivet in 2nd hole  in the stock weights with 2 shims behind the primary spring.
(Comes with only one 3.6 gram rivet from the factory).

He says "run the stock helix and secondary spring  in 3-3 and you should rev around 8000 rpms consistent"

He also put on new coated pistons with a bit different skirt and smaller transfer port for better longevity. While the engine  was apart he peeled 2 layers out of the head gasket (only the 2 metal ones) making it 0.8 mm, then changed the jets back to # 151.3

With the new clutching changes and new pistons it seems to have exellent power off the line. (With little gas on board, it will lift the skis and wheelie like a dirtbike, very impressive for a 600 twin, with no big money invested).

Kov's would also like to thank us for putting his stuff on totallyamaha.  "I really appreciate it, thanks for your time and have fun sledding before the snow is gone". Thanks Kov's from TOTALLYAMAHA.

Also Kov's has also a 1.25 inch track on his sled.