Revised: 6/21/00

Maxdlx's Ride

Maxdlx has, late this last season, become the proud owner of a 99 500 V-Max Dlx. "The summer is killing me", he said ," it was a brand new left over sled, and I only got to ride 36 miles". His old sled was a 95 600 V-Max LE, "nice sled but this one rides so much nicer", he states.  He will be sending a pick soon to be added to this page. "I think this site has great potential, and is a great idea. It should be of great help to people like myself, who have for years just rode sleds, and now want to start understanding them. Best of luck", Maxdlx

 Paul Baker aka  Maxdlx 

Personals :  He lives in eastern IA, and has been there all 30 years of his life.

We at Totallyamaha appreciate the great comments and look forward to seeing more from Maxdlx. Keep the features coming and enjoy the site.