Name: R Klien

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Sled: 97 SX 600

Nickname: yama-rider

From: Detroit area

  Modifications: Hello TY Webmaster,
 Thank you very much for putting one of the greatest sites on the web.  I
can only hope that no one spoils a good thing.  Makes me proud to be a
Yamaha rider.  You've probably seen some of my posts on the message board
 I thought I might give you alittle information about
 myself and attach some images of me and my sled.
 I'm 37 years old, and work in the Detroit area as an automotive test

engineer.  I test airbags and perform crash simulations on a reverse
acceleration sled, using crash dummies (fun work).  I have been
snowmobiling for over 20 years.  I've owned 4 sleds, all of which have been
Yammi's (wouldn't buy anything else).  And I've snow checked the new Viper
for next season.  My wife and I snowmobile as our winter recreation in the
Northern half of Michigan.  We usually ride with my brother and his wife,
and my wife's sister and her husband, and they all ride Yamaha's.  My
current 97 600sx being the oldest of the bunch.  I've done alot of bolt on
perfomance modifications to my SX in the past few years.  V-force reeds,
thin head gasket and Max. Performance clutch kit, Dial-a-jets with dual
Westach exhaust temperature guages, ceramic coated exhaust, GYT plastic
ski's, Max. Performance traction control rods, 144 studs, Hyfax saver extra
wheel kit, and a few other cosmetic odds and ends, including the Red Wings
 logo on my red windshield  (Keep in mind the year I bought this sled was
 the same year the Wings won the stanley cup).  On occasion,  I race my sled
against other weekend warriors on airstrips that we come across during our
 trail rides.  Don't allways win, but I've come out ahead now and then.  I
 particularly like to ditch bang and look for snow mounds to catch some air.
Let me know if there's anything I can do to help in your endevours.  Please
 feel free to e-mail me at    I'm suprised
Yamaha Motor Corp. hasn't called you yet with some awsome job offers.
Keep up the great work, and stay riding the best!

 We at Totallyamaha thank Ron Klein  for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.