1996 XT 600

Bought new at Bob's Yamaha City WI. Rapids WI. (Now Donahue Super Sports) Had thin head gasket (.6mil) in since new . First add on was the skid plate and a set of purple wheel cover to dress it up . The old style Aluminum idler wheels have worn out and since been replace with all plastic / rubber. Then I added a Bender Wilwood brake, which made a world of difference in the sled .as well as adding 120 Woody's Golddigger .875 7mm studs with Snostuff nylon nut/backers combo.
Next I added the Aaen roller secondary . That alone made the brake not necessary, as the backshift would let the motor do the braking for cornering. I also tried a set of SLP skis but sent them back as the sled was way to darty with them on, I opted for a pair of Vmax-4 skis which have worked out great. After market; Wimps ski skins to protect the aluminum ski and we are good to go. Have the Air box redirect kit installed and set to pull air from just under the hood and have the block off plate for the nose piece in the trunk. Have never had an Icing carb on this sled ..
Then added the Maxximum Performance Quick Rods to help in weight transfer. They work great !! I got a hold of a set of GYT twin pipes for the sled and a set of Dial A Jets . I tightened the DAJís too tight the first time I put them in an warped them. Sent them in for a rebuild and reinstalled them In the mean time I put the pipe on and tried to get it dialed in but ran out of snow that year.
Next I installed a set of EGTís from Digitron really slick little
outfit once you get the motor jetted right it lets you use the DAJ much more effectively Even with the DAJ I could not get rid of a mid throttle lean spot and the gas mileage went down to 6 or 7 mile per gallon. And with a 10-gallon tank that only gives you a range of 60 to 70 miles . Not good enough for my style of riding. So off came the pipes and the OEM pipe went back on . But the DAJ's and EGT's stayed with great results I might add. Mileage is now at 11 mpg and the sled is always jetted great. I manage to drop 4 main jet sizes and still maintain good piston wash.
This past summer I replaced the original track with a .92 camoplast track and restudded with 96 Saber Top Dogs .5/16 1.00 inch. In the center of the track only, Since this sled is a Pogo I will see if this helps or hurts cornering. I can always add more studs later.
The only bad luck I had with this sled was at 6000 miles I dropped a ring and had to rebuild the top end. Installed new pistons (1998 pistons Powder Forged) and a rebuilt Cyl. I figure its good for another 6000 miles .. But it only has to last another 2500 miles then the kids will get it and I may just get a sled that uses three spark plug at once
If ya see us on the trail say hi ..
Central Wisconsin
Most miles in The U.P. Michigan