Name: Rkmaxx  

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Sled: 2001 SXr 700   

Nickname: Rkmaxx    

From: Central Wisconsin USA


Avenger I Tach. & EGT , Powder Coated Pipe, Ported, Thin Headgasket , Notched Reeds,

Rear SRX heat exchanger, Sxr500 Intake Boots , Boost Bottle, Clutched, Jetted

168 Fastrac studs & plastic backers,  8 inch Bergstrum carbides, Silver/Black handlebar pad,

1.25 " Riser block for handlebar, Black Ultra skid plate, and Blue headlight cover,

Low Cobra Black Windshield , Speed Adjusters on Rear Shocks.

All This with the Help of LARRY at North Country Yamaha. Tomahawk Wisc.


 We at Totallyamaha thank Rkmaxx  for sending us information on his sled and hope he will keep checking back with us for more excellent info and more features.