Sometimes, we  have a good reason to suspect that we've been fooled. When we saw this picture for the first time, we was rather sceptical.. "This is just from a Yamaha ad" we thought. Everything looks so new and shiny. Well guess what, he is not selling Yamaha's (yet), though he looks to be taken out of an ad.
===SRXSRULE== has got the right attitude alright!!!!

Anyway here he is with one of his 2 Yamaha's, a 98 SRX 700 which he bought new.
Modifications/ add ons:

Camoplast track with 1'' tall lugs
192  1.075'' woody's
10'' woody's carbides
Bender hotrods
Bender silencer
Bender cold air kit
Hauck clutch kit
Sevral other cosmetic add ons

The other one is a 2000 SX-R 700 which you can read more about in "Owners/Current Yamaha's".