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Nickname: Yamajon

Sled:    97 600SX   

From: East Central Wisconsin  

Mods/Add ons 

I ride a 97 600SX, bought it new, have been riding Yamaha's since 83.  My 600
has 98 pistons, Maxx Perf clutch kit and thin head gasket , Maxx. Perf.  transfer
rods, Tempa flow II, GYT plastic ski's, Camoplast track, 144 Woody's studs and
carbide runners, plus other odds & ends.  I repainted the sled this spring after
I blew my old track and damaged my seat and the rest of the backend. It's now
factory blue with a blue 99 seat, silver trailing arms and radius rods, Cobra windshield,
Holeshot  blue skid plate, plus one of a kind decals that are a cross between the
originals and the 2001. Way to many hours spent on that  job, according to the
wife anyway.  I expect it to prompt a few looks this winter when people try to
figure out what year it is since they never made a blue "twin" 600 or one
with a black belly & tunnel.

"I love giving my Polaris buddies fits with there 600's.."  Jon says.



 We at Totallyamaha thank Yamajon  for sending us information on his sled and hopes he returns for more cool things to come in our site.