Yamahammer's Ride

Dyno Graphed

CUSTOMER BULLETIN for 2000/2001 snowmobile season

1997 YAMAHA 748cc Mountain Max

Yamahammer Pic's

Nick Name: Yamahammer 

From: Klamath Falls, Oregon

Sled : 1997 Yamaha Mountain Max 700

Modifications: Bored to 750cc for Wiseco piston kit--CNC cylinder deck/head to match big
 bore (-.015)--Cut and polished upper case half to fit pistons--Bored and
 chamfered oil feed passages--Three base gaskets (.030)--Removed one layer ofhead gasket (.010)--135Lb-cylinder compression measured @ 4,100ft--Ceramic
 coated Power Inc end dump triples--Hauck Power Sports Porting--Delta
V-Force Reeds--Hartman Inc Boost Bottle--Thunder Products
 Dial-A-Jets-Hiperfax--KYB's front shocks from 42" stance Yamaha 700 XTC
(3" longer) custom fit to 38" stance (-1lb)--Custom built Works Performance
rear shocks (-4lbs)--Removed sway bar & 2 set's of bogies (-12lbs)--Maxximum
 Performance Quick Rods--7" USI Tunnel Wide skis--Custom built Ice Scratchers
 --Holeshot skid plate, Cut 2" holes for more under hood air--Cut 2" holes in
 brake cooling duct for more air over motor--Cut 1" holes backed with
window screen in belly pan for more airflow over clutches--Cut 1" holes in air box
 and shelf adjacent to factory openings to double potential airflow--Jim's
 Upholstery Mountain Grab Bar--SnoGoer Windshield Bag--Kinetic 1" handlebar
 riser--Hartman Inc 151" x 2" Long Track Kit--Camoplast 151" x 2"
 Challenger--20-40 gearing (2.25:1) with 8-tooth drivers--Wahl anti-ratchet
 drive sprockets--Primary-8AY weights empty (40 grams) W-S-W spring
8900-RPM momentary peak then 8600-RPM under load--Secondary-48/42 degree helix,
green spring 60-70 preload--Main Jets 132.5 + Dial-A-Jets--Needles 2nd clip from
 top one Teflon washer on each side of clip--Needle Jet nozzles Q-4
 all--Pilots 60 all--Air Jets 0.8 all--Fuel Screw 2 turns all--Riding elevation 5500-9500ft.


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