Boost Bottle Theory



Boost Bottle theory is that the boost/equalizer /tube/bottle is a passageway between intake manifolds with a fixed volume, usually the CC of one cylinder or larger, a (momentary) storage container for pre-atomized fuel/air mixture. Since the fuel/air mixture is at a high velocity while traveling through the intake manifold, guess what happens when the reeds suddenly close? The mixture has inertia and physics would suggest the fuel/air mixture has to dissipate this inertia, through a tube maybe? This inertia (pulse) forces the pre-atomized mixture thatís already in the tube from the previous cycle into the next intake manifold thatís reeds are just opening and ready to receive the fuel/air mixture, this is like a little supercharger to each cycle. This all happens so fast at higher rpmís that it is most effective at lower and mid-range where you are on/off throttle. It takes venturi velocity to atomize the raw fuel from the main jets. The tube/bottle has a charge of pre-atomized fuel that is instantly ready when you go from off to on throttle. It assists in filling the cylinder for a fraction of a second until the carburetor venturi gets enough velocity to fully atomize the available fuel. The advantage is that it brings up the torque and horsepower sooner in the bottom of the rpm range. These have been Dyno tested and proven to work, they show 10hp low end, 4hp at mid rpm, and a 2 hp increase on top end.

From the Original "Hammer"

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