** = New items found on this page as of 02/11/09

                    How to clean TORS by: Fourbarrel

                    How to perform a leak down test by: Daman

                    How to set your power valves by: Daman and MrViper700

                    The whole story By: MrViper700

                    Why compression guages dont tell the whole story By: MrViper700

                    See how replace your exhaust gaskets on your RX1/Apex by:MrSled

                    See how to adjut your fuel deliver manully by:LeadDog

                    PDF on gasoline and storage

                    PDF about myths on Batterys and how to charge properly

                    Two Cycle Engine needs found by Mark Murphy

                    Overview of spark plug IDs and more found by Sled Dog

                    2 Stroke Engine Part Numbers from Max Perf 04 Catalog

                    How to  install helicoil by: TZ750

                    PDF file on install

                    How to  install electric start on the pro-action chassis

                    Why clean carbs and what to clean by  TZ750

                    More on Carb Cleaning by MrViper

                    How to remove your carbs and properly clean them by  crewchief47

                    How to remove your plugs and air box by: SRXSPEC

                    Parts list and  info to add your own EVAC Kit By: Dynarex1

                    Parts list and pics to build your own By: Mikey

                    Step by step K&N Filter Install

                    Exact tempa flow info, routing and use By: G.Rogers

                    RX1 Exhaust install and ride review.

                    RX1 battery and CDI Relocation, pics info and more

                    RX1 carb info, and needle info

                    Hook up info from the TY Forum

                    Info on the Phaser carb update bulletin from 1996

                    Detailed information on how to build and install a boost bottle on your Yamaha SX or SX-R.

                    Triple pipes install, setup spec and big bore set up spec By: Anonymous user

                    Info on on internal Carb parts By: NY_SXR700

                    How to bleed your Viper Coolant system BY:KGMZ

                    How to clean and adjust your Yamaha Power Valves BY:KGMZ

                    ATACC Install By: Steepndeepsxv

                    Dyno sheet from Simons CPR and SXrider

                    SRX Tempa Flow Install by SRXdude

                    Torque Specs and others etc......

                    The infamous reed stop notch by AKA JR

                    Info on how to prevent your Viper fuel pump from freezing and oil line problems. By:Sled_Dog

                    Turks Info on the SX700 Triple specs on port location

                    Info on the stock specs on port location

                    Info on how set your Carb needles

                    Info on how to adjust your floats by NCY_SRX

                    Viper Tempa Flow Install by SRXRULES

                    Piston diagnostics by ERIC GORR

                    See pictures of proper and  improper jetting wash on your pistons

                    NCY_SRX tells you how a Oil Pump Operates

                    Power Inc. Triple Pipe Installation Instructions for the SX

                    Full of great clutching combinations by Turk and other Yamaha owners including some jetting specs for the set ups..

                    Information on how to make your own reed spacers from the Sweden

                    Description on how to clean your Power Valves by Yamahaulic.

                    How to do your own head gasket mod on the 600/700 triples.

                    All about jetting from the Original Hammer

                    How to modify your sx silencer by Maxdlx NOW WITH SOUND

                    How to modify your sx air box by Bob @ Mad Max Yamaha and Picture from MM700SWEDE

                    Great explanation  about Tempa Flow by Barry Holtzman and New install pics from Maxdlx

                    Material list and explanation how to build your own Remote Fuel Screw Adjusters

                    The Original Hammer tells about the boost bottle theory

                    Some tech info on the crank failure and what to watch for.



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