Engine Install and Clutch Alignment

Center to Center  by: SnoWarrior

To adjust motor for center to center and parallel using Sledpro Tool

  1. Loosen mounting bolts (on rx-1 you have to remove air box, battery, and battery tray to get at bolts)
  2. Put Sledpro tool on clutches (follow directions that come with the tool)
  3. Use a pry bar if necessary to get tool on primary to get center to center (lift motor from under primary and keep it supported) Tool should move freely on primary
  4. Check clutches for parallel with tool (make sure all 3 pins on tool are even with back of primary)  This setting should be good from initial assembly
  5. If pins are not equal on primary clutches are misaligned
  6. You can get them parallel by adjusting the bushings
  7. Tighten down the motor mount bolts as described below.

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