** = New items found on this page as of 12/24/19

            Method of aligning your RX1 clutches by BlueByYou2000

             Full of great clutching combinations by Turk and other Yamaha owners.

  • **Clutch Components/Gearing Charts - click link below

              All info below is available in a Tuning Chart from any Yamaha Dealer near you.


             Springs & Weights - Yamaha Fly Weights & Part Numbers from 04 Max Perf Catalog & Misc Vintage Spring Chart      

          Weights - Yamaha Fly Weights & Part Numbers

             Rivets & Rollers - Yamaha Rivets & Rollers Info & Part Numbers

             Primary - Yamaha Primary Springs, Part Numbers for short and longs springs.

             Secondary & Alignment Spec - Yamaha Secondary Springs, Part Numbers, Secondary Sheave settings,  Clutch Alignment, belt info and more.

             Cam Angles - Secondary Helix angles and how they affect your shift.

             Gearing - Yamaha Gearing Charts

             Brief description on how to change rollers, fly weights, secondary helix,  primary and secondary springs.

             A guide to clutching and all the fun that goes with it,  from the Original Hammer 

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