Chain case removal & gear install

By: Shivesy



1.  Remove the hood of the Apex & Remove both left and right side panels





2.  Move the dipsick up slightly to allow air into the chaincase in order to keep from creating a vacuum when you drain the gear oil.





3.  Remove the drain plug bolt that is located under the front of the tunnel behind the chaincase and drain the gear oil.





4.  Remove the two 12mm bolts that secure the brake caliper to the chain case. Lay it aside.





5.  Remove the emergency brake caliper by loosening the 2 allen wrench bolts. I just laid the assembly on top of the oil tank.





6.  Remove the snap ring, the washer and the spacer that hold the brake disc onto the secondary shaft.





7.  Remove the disk. Also disconnect the reverse linkage as noted in picture 16. A 10mm socket and a 8mm open end wrench will disconnect the linkage from the pivot arm.





8.  Remove the woodruff key and the spacer that sits behind it.




9.  Loosen the set screw on the collar and remove the collar. Make sure to remove the 10mm bolt that is in the center of the cover. Remove the three 12mm and two 14mm bolts from the outside of the cover. Now remove the cover.





10.  When I removed the cover I heard a washer drop and hit the bottom of the chaincase. After looking at the Yamaha fiche the washer belongs on the outside of the small reverse gear.





11.  I removed the rubber gasket and cleaned it along with the surface of the chaincase cover..





12.  Here's the secondary shaft with the rubber gasket taken off the housing. There's that 36mm nut and sprocket that I've been working hard to get at.



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