TY Giveaway Ride 2024


TY End of Year Ride 2023

The end has come..!

TY Giveaway Ride 2023

and so it goes on..

TY Fun Ride Ride 2023

always a good time!!

TY End of Year Ride 2022

Time sure passes fast..!

 TY Gwinn Ride 2020

Great job on the video John, sorry we could not be there.. Covid Strikes again!!

TY 20th Anniversary Giveaway Ride 2022

Its been 20 year,, can you believe it??

TY Fun Ride Ride 2022

Awesome trails but damn cold!!

TY Houghton/Mohawk Ride 2021

Crazy weather killed the snow but we made the best of it

TY End of Year Ride 2020

Another  year has come to an end!

TY Gwinn Ride 2020

Happy Valentines Day TYers!!

TY Giveaway Ride 2020

I still cant believe its 2020!

TY Fun Ride 2020

Snow came and came!!

TY Houghton/Mohawk Ride 2019

2 ft of Base!

TY End of Year Ride 2019

Its so hard to say good-bye.. until next year!

TY Ishpeming Ride 2019

I can't remember this much snow in the U.P. in a long time!

TY Giveaway Ride 2019

Tons of snow, Tons of people!

TY Fun Ride 2019

Finally the snow came!!

TY Houghton/Calumet Ride 2018

Lucky to even ride

TY End of Year Ride 2018

Demos are gone... sad day.

TY Gwinn Ride 2018

Lots of laughs, many drinks & Rock N Roll

TY Giveaway Ride 2018


TY Fun Ride 2018

New people, same fun!

TY Houghton/Calumet Ride 2017

Another Successful Ride

TY Demo Ride 2017

Finally after a few years... the Demo Ride was back.

TY Gwinn Ride 2017

Good food, good friends and great trails!!

TY Giveaway Ride 2017

Everyone is a winner at the TY Giveaway Ride.

TY Fun Ride 2017

Another great ride!!

TY Houghton/Calumet Ride 2016

Finally a Dec TY Ride that we could put in the books

TY March Ride 2016

What a blast.. so much fun.. going to be a long summer.

TY Gwinn Ride 2016

Finally.. good groomed trails.

TY Giveaway Ride 2016

Sure was fun.. trails still sucked.

TY Fun Ride 2016

Lots of snow.. Terrible Trails

TY Gwinn Ride 2015

Great turn out... lots of prizes...

TY Giveaway Ride 2015

Great turn out... lots of prizes...

TY Fun Ride 2015

Another Great Year

TY Gwinn Ride 2014

This area sure knows how to groom trail...WOW

TY Monroe County WI Ride 2014

Finally... this ride happened...

TY Giveaway  2014

The snow and the fun just keeps coming....

TY Fun Ride 2014

SNOW!!! and More SNOW!!

TY Houghton Ride 2013

Finally we have our ride back and then some!!

TY Gwinn Ride 2013

Best trails I have ever ridden in the U.P.

TY Giveaway Ride 2013

You have to have fun at the Give Away Ride!!

TY Fun Ride 2013

Low snow... still great turnout!!

TY Demo Ride 2012

Out on the trail as a group... thats how you DEMO sleds :)

TY Giveaway Ride 2012

Warm temps+lots of people = good clean fun!!

TY Gwinn Ride 2012

Slow start to the snow season!!

TY Demo 2011 Ride

I hate when the season ends :(

TY St Croix 2011 Ride

1st time... but still fun!

TY Jan Giveaway Ride 2011

Another great Give Away!

TY Munising Fun Ride 2011

Thank God It snowed!!

TY Houghton Ride 2011

Great to back on the sled!!

TY at Grantsburg WI Watercross 2010

The fastest show on H2O!!

1st Annual MN Ride 2010

Finally we get this ride to go...LOL

TY Jan Giveaway Ride 2010

Many many prizes and flat fun trails.

TY Jan Fun Ride 2010

Cold hard and fast trails...LOL

TY Houghton Ride 2009

All I want to do is ride!!!

TY Muni March Ride 2009

Warm, Fun and 2010 DEMOS!!!!

TY Muni Giveaway Ride 2009

Man, did we have a great turn out!!

TY Jan Fun Ride 2009

Can you say FUN?! ..LOL

TY Houghton Ride 2008

Snow snow and more snow!!!

TY Muni March Ride 2008

 Drive the sleds then .....Party Party Party... !!

TY Manitoba Ride 2008

You have to get on this ride!!

TY Muni Giveaway Ride 2008

Thanks to everyone that made it one of  the best rides to date!!

TY Muni Fun Ride 2008

Fun, fun, fun in da UP!!!

TY Houghton Ride 2007

Flat and Fast... best trail in the U.P. to date!!!

TY Appreciation March Ride 2007

2008 Demos...Thanks Yamaha!!!

TY Munising 2nd Ride 2007

Good snow and tons of fun!!

TY Munising Ride 2007

Almost cancelled but the snow gods pulled thru!!!

TY Appreciation Ride 2006

2007 Demos...Thanks Yamaha!!!


TY Manitoba Ride 2006

Another hit...Git-R-Done!!

TY Munising Ride 20066

They keep getting bigger and bigger!!

TY Houghton Ride 2005

Check out the 2nd TY Yamaha Ride in Houghton/Hancock MI

Wausau Grass Drags 2005

Guest appearance by Bunny (Sara) from Johnny Skeptical !!

TY ATV Ride 2005

Can you say Mud Mud Mud...and even some fun!!!

1st Annual TY Manitoba Ride 2005

Awesome trails ...awesome company!!!

TY Munising Ride 2005-2

Another Fun Ride!!!

TY Munising Ride 2005

The Best Muni Ride ever!!!

TY Houghton Demo Ride 2004

Check out the 1st ever TY Yamaha Demo Ride in Houghton/Hancock MI

TY Munising Ride 2004-2

What a great time we had with all that fresh powder!!! Extra  pics from MichYamaha and BigMax.

TY Munising Ride 2004-1

You really have to join us on one!!!

TY Munising Ride 2003-2

These rides are always such a Hoot!!!

TY Munising Ride 2003

This was one of the best TY rides ever.....with Tons of snow to Boot!!!

TY Munising Ride 2002

Fun was had by all, click to see how much fun we had.

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